Making Music Today

At every turn, our world seems to be getting bigger, growing both in population and size; cities and towns are expanding, new infrastructures and forms of transportation are connecting rural areas to suburbs and cities. New discoveries are being made that broaden our perspective of the world and how vast we think it is. Yet for as big as we are and will continue to be, we are conversely smaller than we have ever been. This may seem oxymoronic, to be a big world and concurrently small, but technology makes this possible. We can log into social media and build up networks with people across the world, people who have expertise in a variety of things we may share an interest in. This instant connection is exciting because it allows us to grow, learn, and add to both our professional and personal networks.

There are some careers which may seem to demand in-person contact, such as filmmaking, writing, and music. Once again, this is not the case, and this is made possible through technology. Artists who want to create but worry about the area they live in not being suitable for making music (perhaps you live in a small town, for instance, and are hours away from a large city) are no longer inhibited simply based on geographic location.

If you want to put together a song or an entire album, you can engage musicians in different cities and states, collaborate, and put together an amazing finished product, all without ever needing to rent a big studio. Depending on your expertise (if you sing or play an instrument), you will only need to spend money on equipment, software, hiring other musicians, and a few other necessary incidentals, such as sound editing. No need to worry about the stress of overhead with a studio.

At Affordable Drum Tracks, we make this easy! Just upload your file, tell us what you want and need and for the price you pay, you will receive a drum track customized to perfectly synthesize with your file and fit your needs exactly. This same service exists with other musicians, making it possible to record an album remotely without ever leaving home.

The music industry has changed drastically over just the past twenty years. In the same way it’s now easy for writers to self-publish and build up their own network of readers without necessarily needing to be contracted with a big publishing house, the music industry is easier to break into with the advent of technology. If you are wondering how you get started, what software to consider, etc. we have included some helpful articles to give you ideas on the type of equipment you will want for your home recording studio: Sound on Sound: Remote Collaboration. jamLink is a service that lets you plug in with other musicians and “chat” with them by playing music together. This helpful article/interview goes into more depth on recording audio tracks and putting together songs with remote sessions.

It all starts with an idea, a passion for music, and enough equipment just to get you started. If music is in your blood, then the next great song is only a few clicks away on your computer, by connecting with other musicians across the country and world.