For the fourth or fifth time in my life I received a gift that totally surprised me because I wanted it so badly. I was given this beautiful all brass A&F Snare drum. This drum is the creation of Ramy Antoun (former drummer for Seal and Blackeyed Peas producer) and Steve Furnicitti (master drum builder). These guys make some incredible sounding drums! A while back word got out that they would be releasing 100 of these brass snare drums and immediately I started thinking about how I could get my hand on one.


Surprisingly A&F snare drum #26 was sent to me this week by my good friend Josh Lopez ( Josh is a very gifted artist and songwriter who I’ve known and played drums for well over 15 years. Josh mentioned a few weeks ago that he got a gift for me. I was floored when the Fed Ex driver delivered.

Here’s a quick video of me playing my new Snare: